Asparagus, Prosciutto, and Swiss Cheese Crepes

Pancake Day demands to be celebrated!

Pancake Day demands to be celebrated!

Asparagus, Prosciutto, and Swiss Cheese Crepes

1. Buy pancake mix and hollandaise sauce mix.  Add slightly more water to mix for thinner batter.

2. Heat a nonstick skillet. DO NOT GREASE, this makes them overly oily, and it is unnecessary with a nonstick pan.  Trust me, I did it this way last night. Pour 2 tablespoons batter into center of skillet. Lift and tilt pan to evenly coat bottom. Cook until top appears dry; turn and cook 15-20 seconds longer. Remove to a wire rack. Repeat with remaining batter.

3. In a large skillet, bring 1/2 in. of water to a boil. Add asparagus; cover and cook for 3 minutes. Drain and immediately place asparagus in ice water; drain and pat dry. (Blanching is a cooking process wherein the food substance, usually a vegetable or fruit, is plunged into boiling water, removed after a brief, timed interval, and finally plunged into iced water or placed under cold running water (shocking or refreshing) to halt the cooking process.)

4. Tear prosciutto into bite size pieces, slice cheese, cut woody bits off asparagus.

5. On each crepe, layer three asparagus spears, pieces of prosciutto and swiss cheese. Roll up and place in a greased 11-in. x 7-in. baking dish, use toothpick to keep rolled up.

6. Bake, uncovered, at 350° for 20-25 minutes or until heated through. Yield: 8 crepes.

7. Heat hollandaise sauce.  Pour over rollups once plated.

Wine Pairing: I’d suggest a light, chilled Pinot Noir for this dish.  You wouldn’t want anything too overpowering for the delicate flavours of the crepe, however one also needs a wine that will cut through the buttery thickness of the hollandaise sauce.


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